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kayak in river
boys and a german shepherd in a river
Letchworth state park with rainbow

The Genesee Falls Inn is a family style victorian bed and breakfast located in the heart of Portageville. The Genesee Falls Inn was built in 1870, we purchased it back in 2008 and fixed her back up to her original Victorian glory. We are located 1/2mile from the Portageville entrance of Letchworth State Park, which makes it easy access to the park for Hikers and bikers.


The Genesee River runs directly behind the Genesee Falls Inn which flows northward from Northern Pennsylvania through Letchworth State Park. Letchworth State park which is only 1/2 mile from The Genesee Falls Inn Portageville entrance is renowned The Grand Canyon of the east, which is one of the most  scenically magnificent areas in the eastern U.S.  

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